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Denver Business Journal
Kate Tracy
"Friction Labs, which makes chalk products for climbers and other athletes to improve their grip, is moving from its previous 6,000-square-foot space into a new 10,000- square-foot warehouse..."
"Friction Labs, created and run by climbers Kevin Brown and Keah Kalantari, makes high-quality sports chalk for climbers, weightlifters, and other athletes around the world."
Grow With Google
Google Economic Impact Report
“We wanted to help athletes everywhere accomplish more. We believe that no one should be held back by bad grip,” says Keah.
Modern Professional
MP Editorial Staff
"Friction Labs' athletic chalk enables athletes to reach their maximum potential."
Thrive Global
Edward Sylvan
"Set high goals and celebrate! We set quarterly goals for our company, which are not easy to attain. Everyone has to play their part for it to come together, and when it does we go out and have a good time."
Thrive Global
Charlie Katz
"Keep it light. When things are stressful, it helps to remind our team that we do all of this to help athletes perform better and have more fun. If the process isn’t fun, what’s the point?"
Authority Magazine
Charlie Katz
"Keah Kalantari of Friction Labs: Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times"
Authority Magazine
Edward Sylvan
"From Athlete To Entrepreneur: Kevin Brown of Friction Labs On The 5 Work Ethic Lessons We Can Learn From Athletes"
Modern Professional
Howard Rapp
"Its chalks are also used by athletes in the NFL and MLB, on the pro tennis tour, and at thousands of gyms and fitness centers in the US and worldwide."
Sarah Kuta
"Wynkoop and Friction Labs wanted to raise money to help underserved children learn how to climb, and hazy IPAs are super popular. Proceeds from the On Belay IPA will go to Friction Labs’ new Diversity in Climbing program..."
Thirst Colorado
Jay McKinney
"With the rise of craft brewing, brewers will put nearly anything in beer to spice it up and leave their creative mark. But climbing chalk?"
The Westside Gazette
Carma Henry
"Athletic chalk company partners with local climbing gym to make fitness and climbing accessible to youth from local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization."
Gripped Magazine
Noah Walker
"Add Friction Labs Secret Stuff to the mix, and your hands will likely climb outside infection free."
WSFL TV South Florida
Jason Carter
"Friction Labs, a chalk company with ties to several climbing gyms, decided to bring together all their resources to be able to help locals, not just those who pay for a membership. The company does this quarterly with multiple gyms across the US."
The Boston Globe
Necee Regis
"Free climbers, dead-lifters, cross-fitters, and racket-swingers who are looking to get out again safely may want to consider the newest product from Colorado-based Friction Labs."
Spoke+Blossom Magazine
S+B Staff
"This chalk helps you hold on when you’re working hard on rocks or in the gym. It’s with an 80-percent ethyl-alcohol base that is anti-microbial and anti-virological..."
Linnea Covington
"If there's a climber, weightlifter or gymnast in your life, this proprietary liquid chalk is the perfect gift."
MMA Mania
Thomas Myers
"The best way to improve your grip strength..."
Colorado.com Staff Writer
"Liquid chalk and hand care for climbers from FrictionLabs, Denver"
Task & Purpose
Scott Murdock
"This chalk is trusted by weightlifters, rock climbers, and gymnasts because it keeps working even when exposed to sweat and oils."
"In every instance, Secret Stuff Hygienic reduced the germs on participants’ hands by a large margin, outperforming standard hand sanitizer."
Climbing Magazine
Climbing Content Specialists
"This makes Secret Stuff a great option both for outdoor climbing and to sanitize your hands while gym climbing in COVID times."
Gym Climber
Owen Clarke
"Secret Stuff Hygienic is pretty impressive, and not just because of the hygiene factor. It’s good performance chalk, too."
Mile High Mamas
Mile High Mamas
"Friction Labs recently developed its Secret Stuff Hygienic Liquid Chalk for climbers, made with a base proven by CU Anschutz to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 and keep hands drier, for longer."
Mile High Gay Guy
"Friction Labs recently developed its Secret Stuff Hygienic Liquid Chalk for climbers, made with a base proven by CU Anschutz to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 and keep hands drier, for longer."
Climbing Magazine
Kristen Kuchar
"This particular chalk is pharmaceutical grade—it’s better than food grade. It’s rigorously tested to be super pure. The chalk gives it an ultra-clean finish that lets you know it is time for another sip. It makes it the kind of beer you want to keep drinking."
Athleisure Mag
Kimmie Smith
"Transitional must have"
ABC Las Vegas
KTNV Staff
"Athletes have a new tool to stay safe during the pandemic thanks to chalk that kills the coronavirus."
ABC Denver
Liz Gelardi
"'So when the members use chalk and it's something they apply multiple times in a workout, it’s one additional layer to keep things clean, keep things sanitary and provide peace of mind for them,' said Caleb Sommer, the owner of Project Rise Fitness."
CBS Denver
Kathy Walsh
"Now that they’ve made their mark in hygienic chalk, the folks at Friction Labs hope their product will help gyms around the world get a grip on the pandemic."
James Faris
"FrictionLabs developed a hygienic liquid grip chalk that’s been found to kill the novel coronavirus, tests from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the CU Anschutz Medical Campus found."
Climbing Magazine
Kevin Corrigan
"'If you have a gym full of people who are wearing masks and all of them are using this chalk, your chances of getting a wall contaminated with coronavirus are pretty small,' says Kedl."
CU Anschutz Medical Campus
Chris Casey
"In fact, the Secret Stuff was as good or better than using hand sanitizer, used as a positive control on separate plates."
Beth Skwarecki
"In two experiments, this particular liquid chalk formulation, which is 80% alcohol, sure seemed to work like a hand sanitizer."
Gripped Magazine
Noah Walker
"According to Kedl, 'We’ve got data that show (Secret Stuff) is robustly antimicrobial and antiviral.'"
Big Life Magazine
John Caldwell
"Besides being a big hit in the climbing world, this product is also getting adoption in the NFL, MLB, professional tennis, and hundreds of CrossFit gyms and health clubs around the country."
Field Mag
Bob Myaing
"Pure magnesium carbonate and 80% alcohol team up to keep your hands grippy and clean. Plays nicely with conventional climbing chalk but functions fine all by itself, too."
Gear Patrol
Gear Patrol Studios
14 Gear Essentials for a Weekend of Bouldering
Outside Magazine
Olivia Harlow
"This long-lasting formula maintains grip and friction for multiple climbs, thanks to ultraconcentrated magnesium carbonate. The cream also naturally kills bacteria on your hand that might make climbing more slippery."
Men's Journal
Max Plenke
"A dime-sized amount got me through 30 minutes of pull-ups and heavy barbell rows before I reapplied. And not for nothing, the bottle is compact, a little under 3 ounces, and fits in a pocket. For anyone having trouble with a sweaty grip, Secret Stuff is a great place to start."
The Wall Street Journal
Sanette Tanaka
"...climbers are turning to new chalk formulas that promise to protect skin from overdrying and cracking, like Colorado-based FrictionLabs’ Unicorn Dust chalk..."
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