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Adam Strong
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs stays on my hands longer. Period."
Alberto Rocasolano
FrictionLabs Athlete
"When I use FrictionLabs for my climbing, my hands feel dry and the rock feels sticky!"
Alex Averdunk
FrictionLabs Athlete
"There is no other chalk that keeps my hands dry like FrictionLabs!"
Alex Johsnon
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Friction Labs is inarguably the best chalk in existence." Photo: King Climbers www.railay.com
Alex Manikowski
FrictionLabs Athlete
Friction labs keeps my sweaty mitts drier than any other chalk on the market! Photo: Alex Manelis
Alex Megos
FrictionLabs Pro
"I'm very pragmatic, I do things just if they make sense to me. I was sceptical when people told me that FL chalk is better. I doubt everything first before the difference is proven. So I did a test on the same boulders, the same day with different types of chalk. I got convinced. FrictionLabs chalk really does make a difference." Photo: Becoming 9a+/5.15a by Chris Hanke
Alex Puccio
FrictionLabs Pro
"Since I started using Friction Labs I've realized how much of a difference great chalk makes! When I'm trying to send a hard boulder outdoors or competing for a world title, the last thing I need to worry about is chalk. I use it because it's the best!" Photo: Joel Zerr
Alexis Mascarenas
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs is by far the longest lasting chalk. It's my go-to whether I'm climbing inside or out!" Photo: @thecircuitclimbing
Ana Burgos
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs is the only chalk that works in all climates!"
Andrea Kümin
FrictionLabs Pro
"I always thought chalk didn’t really influence my climbing but...FrictionLabs proved me wrong—chalk matters and it makes a huge difference when performing at your personal limit!"
Andrea Szekely
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Some people are blessed with dry finger tips, but I don't happen to be one of them. FrictionLabs keeps the puddles off my tips and thus helps me feel way more secure grabbing even the tiniest grips." Photo: Wes Walker
Angie Scarth-Johnson
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Having the right chalk to me is like having the right climbing shoes, its essential and necessary for your performance on rock or plastic. FrictionLabs is like magic, silky, unicorn dust!" Angie sending 8b+/5.14a/32 at El Laboratori in Margalef, Spain. Photo: João Giacchin
Ann Raber
FrictionLabs Athlete
"There’s a Japanese proverb that’s goes something like, ‘with the correct tool, any difficult task is easy.’ For hard sport climbs, boulders, and plastic grappling, FrictionLabs is the right tool. Using anything else would be self sabotage."
Arthur Ternant
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs offers me the best friction on all my projects!" Photo: Clément Lechaptois
Austin Geiman
FrictionLabs Athlete
"You must use it to believe it" - Photo: Circuit Climbing
Barbara "Babsi" Zangerl
FrictionLabs Pro
This chalk does make a difference!! I chalk less and it stays on longer….love it! Photo: Babsi airing it out on yet another multi-pitch Limestone testpiece.
Bobby Taft-Pittman
FrictionLabs Athlete
"The friction seems like fiction, but once you try it, you can’t deny it!" Photo: @circuitclimbing
Brad Gobright
FrictionLabs Pro
"FrictionLabs chalk keeps chalking up to a minimum while on my long, run-out routes." Photo: Jon Glassberg / LT11
Bradley Saunders
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I have always had super sweaty hands and tried everything to dry them out. With FrictionLabs chalk I now have dry hands regardless of the conditions." Photo R. Tyler Gross rtylerphoto.com
Brennan Robinson
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FL is simply the best chalk i have ever used." Photo: Mandala Sit, V13
Brooke Raboutou
FrictionLabs Pro
"FrictionLabs chalk allows for an amazing sense of feel between hand and hold—which translates to more confidence sticking, hanging, and pulling on plastic or stone." Photo: The Circuit Climbing Magazine
Carlo Traversi
FrictionLabs Pro
"I've used a variety of chalk brands over the years with varying degrees of satisfaction, but have always found each successive batch to be different from the last. Some better, some worse. This has not been the case with Friction Labs. Their chalk is far and away the most consistent and highest quality product on the market today."
Carlos Catari
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Technology is advancing very fast and sometimes we see a jump in the evolution of different products. For me, FrictionLabs has achieved that technological leap. It is without a doubt the best chalk I've ever used."
Carlos Higuera
FrictionLabs Athlete
“I like it chunky, crunchy and super dry”
Caroline Sinno
FrictionLabs Athlete
"With FrictionLabs on my hands I feel more confident when I am climbing, especially when bolts are far away or when I am topping out a high ball." Photo: Caroline working l’insoutenable légèreté de l’être, 8B. Fontainebleau, FR. (c) boulderclassics.com
Cesar Valencia
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I can always trust FrictionLabs to keep my hands dry when I’m nervous before a send go, conditions are bad or I’m just trying to lift some heavy weights up and put them back down!" Photo: Naomi Robles
Chauncey Carroll
FrictionLabs Athlete
"In a competition, efficiency is everything. I can trust FrictionLabs to make my every move count." Photo: Andy Wickstrom
Chris Healy
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs provides me with the best friction and keeps my skin in top notch condition!"
Chris Ramirez
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs always provides the best advantage!"
Chris Schulte
FrictionLabs Pro
"Why FrictionLabs? I wouldn’t use it if there wasn’t an undeniable difference: it performs better and lasts longer in any conditions."
Christine Dziegelewski
Gymnastics Super-Mom
"My 8 year old is a NY State champion gymnast and the look on her face when I gave her the bag was PRICELESS! Thanks for making such a wonderful product. She swears it's magical! And her workouts are better than ever."
Christine Schranz
FirctionLabs Athlete
"I tried this year FL for the first time on competitions and since then I only wanna use FL Chalk - it makes me feel more confident and I need to chalk less."
Christof Rauch
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Sometimes I have really dry and glassy skin, FL helps me to still get some good grip, especially on slippery holds. FL is also really good for longer climbs because it stays longer on your fingers as normal chalk." Photo: Damien Largeron
Clara Wisner
Nutrition Therapy Practitioner
"Friction labs chalk makes it a priority to keep their product free of drying agents and other toxic compounds, and it works better. As with most things, the healthier option is also the better option. When it comes to chalk, Friction Labs has it in the bag."
Clément Lechaptois
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I tried FrictionLabs chalk and I immediately noticed the difference compared to others... It remains on the fingers and ensures really good friction!"
Cody Roth
FrictionLabs Athlete
"As soon as I tried the Bam Bam blend, I was hooked. FrictionLabs delivers."
Colette McInerney
FrictionLabs Athlete
“Good chalk is a must have and top priority in my climbing kit. When I finally got to try Friction Labs I knew it was next level for anyone with sweaty skin and chalk obsession like mine!“ Photo: Ofer Blutrich
Colin Duffy
"Until I tried Friction Labs chalk, I didn't know that it mattered what chalk you used." Photo: USA Climbing
Craig DeMartino
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs chalk makes a huge difference in my staying power on routes, boulders, and in the gym."
Daisuke Ichimiya
Frictionlabs Pro
Frictionlabs helps me keep calm and push the limit. Choose the right chalk and you’ll get more feeling to hold on longer!
Dan Mirsky
FrictionLabs Pro
Do you remember your first pair downturned climbing shoes? For me it was revolutionary. Can you imagine not climbing in downturned shoes now? Thats basically how I feel about Friction Labs. The first time I used it, everything changed. Now I can't imagine climbing without it. Photo: @lukeolson
Daniel Woods
FrictionLabs Pro
"I'm particular when it comes to chalk... I used (other brands) for years and years, until now. After sampling the gorilla grip, I immediately found my go to chalk. It stays on longer, doesn't crack my skin, and gives me that perfect friction for sticking to grips. Now onward... to climbing more projects!" Photo: Merrick Ales
Dave Graham
FrictionLabs Pro
"I am in fact very picky about my chalk, and can rarely say I actually think a brand of chalk stands out above others, but your chalk, well, it is in a league of its own! I am very impressed!" Photo: The Nest, V15 @honngy
David Firnenburg
FrictionLabs Pro
"My brother Ruben always claims that I use too much chalk whenever I climb, leaving nothing left for him. Since I discovered FrictionLabs I don’t need that much chalk anymore which makes him very happy and certainly me too! When I need the perfect grip for my project I can always count on FrictionLabs."
Delaney Miller
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I didn’t want to believe all the hype simply because I didn’t think chalk could actually make a difference. But it does. And every little difference counts when you’re going for the podium or a project." Photo: @jeffrueppel
Devin Finucane
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Cause I have an addiction to the friction! The Unicorn Dust provides the grip I need on that crisp sandstone and it doesn't irritate my hands like other chalks." Photo: Dreamalive Productions
Diego Lopez Montull
FrictionLabs Pro
"I consider myself very very strict with the chalk I use because friction definitely matters, so chalk matters. If you want to upgrade your climbing, use the best: FrictionLabs."
Dominic Wragg
FrictionLabs Athlete
"After suffering with extremly sweaty tips for years and years, it's great that someone has stepped up and produced a product that no other company can compete with. FrictionLabs truly excels and provides the best friction when inside or outside on rock."
Dru Mack
FrictionLabs Pro
"I need FrictionLabs chalk to survive the HUMID conditions of Kentucky." Pure Imaginination, 514c Photo: @gajdaphotography
Dustin Saunders
FrictionLabs Athlete
"In the past finding chalk of consistent quality was a major struggle. Since using Friction Labs chalk is no longer a worry of mine." Photo: R Tyler Gross
Edwin Teran
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FL is the best chalk on the market. No other brand comes close to the quality and feel of FL chalk." Photo by: Jan Novak (@JanNovak)
Erin Ayla
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Love love love this chalk! It truly feels cleaner and healthier for my skin."
Ethan Pringle
FrictionLabs Pro
"I don't always use chalk, but when I do, I use FrictionLabs. Climb responsibly my friends." Photo couresy of @andy_mann
Felipe Ho Foganholo
FrictionLabs Athlete
"One of the most decisive factors for sending is the texture of the holds. I need my hands to be able to stick and hold on as well as possible, and that's why chalk quality matters."
Fernando de la Mora
FrictionLabs Athlete
"The high quality of FrictionLabs really makes a difference... It's amazing how much longer it stays in your fingers." Photo: @krisugarriza
Florian Klingler
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Since I started used FrictionLabs Chalk my climbing has improved a lot. No more sweaty hands and no more slipping around on holds!"
Franz Weber
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs is the best!"
Gabriele Moroni
FrictionLabs Pro
"I can hold grips with FricionLabs that I can't hold with other chalk."
Garrett Gregor
FrictionLabs Athlete
"​FL chalk keeps your hands dryer for longer - hands down.... And dry." Photo: GKwan Photo
Giuliano Cameroni
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I first tried FrictionLabs chalk in the US with Dave Graham. I was immetidaly impressed by the consistency and the grip!" Photo: Astronautenfieber, 8a, Magic Wood
Hannah Tolson
FrictionLabs Athlete
As a high performance athlete, I need high performance gear. In climbing, what gear is more important than the chalk to keep you on the wall?
Hector Lopez
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs allows to me use my full power on every hold."
Jacopo Larcher
FrictionLabs Athlete
“Sweaty hands have always been a problem to solve for me... until I tried FrictionLabs chalk! The super chunky Bam Bam was a game changer." Photo: Francois Lebeau
Jamie Emerson
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Frictionlabs is unquestionably the best chalk ever made."
Jamie Finlayson
FrictionLabs Pro
"Gorilla Grip is my favorite blend because it’s chunky, it stays in my bag, it’s super sticky, it stays on my hand a long time, and it helps me send my projects!"
Jason Baker
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs is hands down the best chalk I have ever used; from greasy boulders to wet alpine routes, Friction Labs helps keep my hands dry so I can send." Photo by Mahting Putelis
Jason Kehl
FrictionLabs Pro
"I always thought all chalk was chalk, right? False. FrictionLabs chalk stays on longer, keeps my hands dryer and I use less of it, even in the harshest conditions." Photo: Jason on the FA of Antimatter in Hueco, courtesy of James Lucas.
Jennifer Shultz-Schonert
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs chalk was pure magic for me after years of dealing with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating...ew). Until I was graced with the Dust from Unicorns, I was constantly getting pumped from too much re-chalking. Now, I sweat less just knowing I'm covered."
Jenny Fischer
FrictionLabs Athlete
"The first time I left the dirt with FrictionLabs in my chalk bag I was addicted to the Gorilla Grip; noticeably better than anything else and still enough texture for me to crunch up while looking for my next gear placement." Photo by Jason Gebauer
Jeremy Fullerton
FrictionLabs Athlete
"With FrictionLabs on my hands I no longer have to chalk up every burn!"
Jeremy Ho
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I was always a cheap, block chalk person and skeptical of FrictionLabs. After finally breaking down and trying it... Turns out FL is simply the best."
Jeremy Schoenborn
FrictionLabs Athlete
FrictionLabs has eliminated my biggest and most valid excuse, sweaty palms and greasy tips! It matters!
Joe Heeley
FrictionLabs Athlete
Unfortunately I suffer from sweatytipitis, and Frictionlabs is the first cure I've found that actually remedies this debilitating condition.
Joe Musselwhite
Grip Strength Coach & Competitor
"By far the best chalk I have ever used! Period! I've used any brand of chalk you can imagine, too!"
Joel Zerr
FrictionLabs Pro
"If you're not using Friction Labs, then you're holding yourself back. It makes a difference because chalk matters!"
John Gass
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs reminds me of the Denver Bouldering Club...owned and operated by climbers who want to help others better themselves. Their products prove themselves time and time again as the most effective in drying out my hands when it matters most!"
Jon Cardwell
FrictionLabs Pro
"FrictionLabs keeps me buzzin' up my projects!" Photo: @honngy
Jon Glassberg
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Being a big guy with ultra sweaty hands, I am always battling thin, leaky skin that is prone to splitting. But FrictionLabs has revolutionized my grip and kept me climbing longer during a session and stickier on the rock." Photo: Jessica Talley (@jess_talley)
Jonas Winter
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs chalk helps me more than any other chalk to win the consant battle for good friction." Photo: The Big Island 8C.
Jonny Hork
FrictionLabs Athlete
"There are so many variables that have to come together for success in climbing, but in the end it all comes to friction. For me, the quality of Friction Labs means I can focus more on the challenge ahead than wether I'm gonna loose my grip when it counts."
Jordan Cannon
FrictionLabs Pro
"Unfortunately, I'm one of many climbers that is cursed with incessantly sweaty hands, but thankfully with FrictionLabs I'm able to climb longer and chalk up less. What more can you ask for?" Photo: Callen Hearne. A knee-bar on Moonlight Buttress? Yup! (Grade V, 5.12d) in Zion National Park.
Josh Larson
FrictionLabs Pro
"I like FrictionLabs because it’s made by climbers and supported by climbers. Ya, and the chalk is sooo geewd!"
Josh Muller
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I have struggled with bad skin for years (cracking and splitting), but FrictionLabs Chalk has solved this problem for me. Not only does the chalk last longer, it doesn't damage my skin."
Juliet Hammer
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs gets me up my projects! Period."
Justin Ridgely
FrictionLabs Athlete
Friction labs makes a major difference with the humid climbing conditions in Hawaii. Photo: Ryan Moss
Justin Salas
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Tactile feeling is of the utmost importance to me as a blind climber, and FrictionLabs chalk definitely gives me the best feel while I'm on the rock."
Karoline Sinnhuber
FrictionLabs Pro
"FrictionLabs = dry hands. Dry hands = sending my projects!" Photo: Andreas Aufschnaiter
Keenan Takahashi
FrcitionLabs Pro
"I've tried all types of chalk but as soon as I tried FL, I knew I'd found something that immediately boosted my climbing!"
Kevin Ogar
FrictionLabs Ambassador
"I can use less chalk for the same amount of work as other chalks, which in CrossFit mean less time wasted chalking my hands and faster workout times. In Powerlifting I don't have to worry about the chalk being off my hand and useless by the time I'm ready to lift. That is one less thing to worry about so I can focus on the lift itself."
Kokoro Fujii
FrictionLabs Pro
"FrictionLabs is simply the best."
Kyram Adsit
FrictionLabs Athlete
FrictionLabs is the REAL DEAL. Photo: @jefftheclimber
Leah Crane
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I hadn't fully appreciated the importance of good chalk and how it can affect your performance until I tried Friction Labs. I mean, how much difference could it make? As climbing is a friction dependant sport, I quickly found out... a lot! Chalk really does matter. Once you try FL, you'll never go back!" Photo: @thecircuitclimbing
Liam Lonsdale
FrictionLabs Athlete
“There’s no two ways about it, a fat lad like me needs all the help he can get!” Photo: @liamlonsdale
Lisa De Martini
FrictionLabs Athlete
"Every second counts. With FrictionLabs chalk I do not waste time because it stays on my hands for so long!" Photo: Moritz Liebhaber
Louis Gundolf
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I prefer Frictionlabs because it remains longer on my fingers so I can climb faster and thus stronger."
Louis Parkinson
FrictionLabs Athlete
"I used to think "chalk is chalk, it doesn't make a difference"... well apparently it does!"
Lucy Humphreys
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs helps me feel confident on every climb—best chalk on the market!" Photo: Tim Kemple
Luis Cajero
FrictionLabs Pro
"You don't need perfect conditions. All you need is FrictionLabs!"
Luis Gerhardt
FrictionLabs Athlete
"FrictionLabs helps me to crush my projects! I no longer worry about greasing off hand holds." Photo: Markus Ixmeier boulderclassics.com
Marcus Vela
Co-Owner, D-Town CrossFit
"We want our athletes to have the best of everything, and FrictionLabs crushes the chalk department. FrictionLabs produces the highest quality chalk I've ever seen, and in my business, high quality equals high performance."
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